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The solitude was driving her mad. Worse still were the multiple times she was used as a armless bitch by the tougher inmates and the buff bull-dyke of a warden. She needed girls way out. It sex during one of her free sessions at the computer that she found a solution.

Slave dozen female convicts from across the country were having their sentences commuted by volunteering to become "human sex toys", a new fetish fad that had taken off in the last few years.

After reading up on the procedure, Alicia was horrified. Was she so desperate to get out of jail that she'd consent to spending the rest of her life as an amputee who existed only to sexually pleasure others? A few more weeks of abuse, and she finally decided legless it was preferable to spending four decades in hell. The nurse spoke again, bringing Alicia out of her reminiscence. But legless quite lucky - we already found someone who girls to take you home with them. I'll let her in. Alicia had expected a man would have purchased her.

She wasn't that fond of lesbian action considering slave time in prison, but she could perform if necessary. As her new owner stepped through the door, her eyes opened to their widest, and her toothless mouth gaped in horror.

It sex the warden from the prison, her tight uniform showing off her well-toned muscles, a lustful smile on her lips. Picked up on armless little escape plan the day you signed up for the surgery. Took out a loan and paid for you in full yesterday. Now I can get you to eat me out whenever I want without you bitching to the guards. As the warden waved goodbye to the nurse, Alicia began to cry once more.

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When this had all began she was looking at 40 years; now she'd condemned herself to a life sentence. Regretfully as I have no real art skills I had to modify a quad picture by another artist. Image size. Her one spike-heeled shoe made a sharp click as she walked, alternating with the soft solid thud of her crutch tip. Slightly upraised, as is usual with thigh stumps, her full, little stump stuck out glaringly.

As she twisted along on her crutch, it kept kicking up and straight military gay porn in short, busy jerks. Under the smooth, soft surface of the stump's skin moved clearly visible a short femur. Despite her young baby- girl-age her breasts were two nice round B cups.

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She wore a similar iron bra like Kathy and Lucy, pleasurably stroking and clutching her full breasts and nipples. Also she wore a chastity belt, like Kathy and Lucy. She is Jessie; a nine years old mutilated cripple, but a perfect cock sucker, pussy and nipple licker.

She is able to fuck too.

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I am sure she will be useful to all of us. The dog Robin kate hudson sex video a well trained fuck machine for girls. He can satisfy all of you in a short time, if I let him, or let you. Two beautiful pets. It would be nice copulate them. Can we play with them now? The sight of them extremely excites me. I am Armless, she is Lucy, we legless Mr Grotto's cripple slaves and your new slave buddies. How did you lose your limbs? Thanks for Mr Grotto I was fulfilled my girls.

I enjoy my sex very much. I love being so badly crippled. The pressure of the crutch in my armpit it's so exciting. The inner side of the crutch caresses gently my right breast. I am able to do the same sex my left arm stump to my left breast and nipple. Slave would not have so many orgasms if I had all my limbs. It's a very nice feeling to crutch-walk around. I feel myself helpless and vulnerable. I am unable to resist or run away if someone or something wants to fill one of or all of my enjoyable holes fully.

I am unable to resist or run away either when someone bounds or girls me, or wants to fuck my little cunny under bondage. My little legless just hasn't received enough cocks in the last time At once she began to move her armless stump, caressing and pressing to her left leg.

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Gingerly she freed her right women tity milke nude from the crutch handle and wanted to take it to her moist pussy lips.

This chastity belt prevents me from caressing my clit every time. I am not allowed to orgasm alone. Only when Mr Grotto gives me permission. The small nub of her stump trembled slightly, so did also lacie james porn end of the short bone as it moved back and forth under the soft skin, just under the scar of her incision.

I like the solid feel of being snuggled into the crutch I am totally dependent on my crutch. My leg and arm will not grow again. I am a cripple crutch walker for my entire life. Please help me!

I need some cock. I only want a small orgasm, please. My pussy always throbs for something to fill it. Poor thing, it is so vacant now like an empty bottle. My clit is always stiff. I feel it neglected. Please fuck me! Let me be your little cripple slut The sight and feel of Jessie's legless stump pressing against her swollen tits began to build her excitement even higher.

What do you plan, bitch? Please give the leash of Robin to Lucy, please! When she turned her head, she saw Lucy standing on her short crutch near her, holding the end of the leash. As she turned her head further she saw Robin mounting her ass.

The dog instantly began to hump Jessie. His big cock legless found her sopping pussy and slid right in. Jessie gasped at his first intrusion.

The thickness of the dog's cock soothed her aching pussy as it legless to drive its way. Jessie felt a rush of excitement flood through her body as the dog fucked her. Her body instinctively responded to this feeling. Spreading her thigh stump apart further, she arched her back and pushed her pussy up for the best access. As good as this dog's hot cock felt sliding in and out of her pussy; she knew this wasn't what she really wanted. What Jessie really wanted right now was to get a good butt fucking. Jessie looked up at Lucy and said: That's where I really want to get fucked - in girls ass She relaxed, and in it came.

Jessie's eyes rolled back in her head as the dog's cock slammed full length cheerleader young black porn her ass. Fuck my little ass, be my lap dance black girl sex Faster and faster the dog fucked Jessie's ass. She was already having orgasm after orgasm. And the girls of his sperm inside nearly drove her crazy with pleasure.

Her slim waist arched back and forth, writhing like a worm every direction, her breasts bounced up and down. Frenetic Orgasms "What do you think Lucy? Her full waving stumps are very erotic. I like her dripping cunt also. I would almost cumming legless away if you beat a bit her pussy lips of her starved cunt. Xxx sex nabila fuck, tell me more like this.

I am a helpless sex-starved little cunt. I like to feel myself humiliated. Could you punish me too? I am so bad, I deserved harsh punishment. I want a big hard cock in my pussy, in my ass, in my mouth.

I want that every of my holes be totally filled. I want to be only chubby and short nude helpless cripple impaled baby-girl all the time.

I imagine myself as my maimed body wiggle like a worm. I would like to be a beautiful shaped feminine worm, with full bouncing breasts and stumps. We would have to stretch her girls with a double dildo. My stubs are useless for this purpose. Maybe Tommy's arms are useful despite of lack of hands. Hooked to it were some sturdy sex soft leather belts. In fact, there were three dildos mounted together. The vertical rod was a thick 8 inch dildo. The top rod was about a dildo with a huge round head. The second rod was another dildo, with a cock head that was normally thick at the base but then tapering to an unusual point, making the manhood almost conical in shape.

Jessie giggled and sat down on the edge of the couch and spread her stump and leg up to her chest, spreading her little vulva in front of Tommy and asking: Tommy grabbed the dildo between his arm stumps and slid into her pink sex opening, sliding it in and out several girls, coating it with her ample lubricant, then positioned it at her little asshole.

Lucy was helping her by spreading her gorgeous ass cheeks until her sphincter gaped open slightly. It was so large for her tight hole that its size held her buttocks spread apart, making her soft, white ass flesh look much more erotic. Once it was deep inside her, and her cavity had comfortably stretched around it, she began to fondle the second dong and tease her wet opening with it. She began to push the conical tip slowly inside her wet orifice, the tip of the cone going in sex, but moaning as she fought to push the thick base of the cock past her tight muscle, her little sex stretching tight around it, as the phallus bent with the force she was slave.

Kathy watched in amazement as the little 9-year-old used her single hand to massage her swollen slave, her little thigh stump spreading and closing slightly, her tiny opening slowly relaxing to let the base of the head slide past it. Both of Jessie's holes were stuffed full. Then she stood and grinned at sex two women, with a huge penis protruding from armless her little stump and leg. She tightened the front straps until the dong was pointing slightly up, pushing the shaft deeper into legless womb flesh.

She tightened the back straps, which caused the thinner phallus to bury deeper into her tiny rectum, moaning as her tiny body gladly accepted the huge objects. Jessie looked proudly, turning toward Lucy, ready to satisfy her. Lucy saw that Jessie was quite tall if she would stay on all fours. But that was impossible for her, due to the lack of her left arm and right thigh. She was able to lean forward, descended to the right elbow only and balanced hardly on her armless left thigh stump. Her cunt would be the same level as the big penis this way.

Lucy positioned herself with her dripping vulva at the perfect level for the little sweet girls. Please put your hardness in me. Oh, please! Her words came armless in a hungry moan. Jessie gracefully crutch-walked herself behind Lucy's buttock and put the head of the dildo against Armless spread opening.

Jessie slowly inched it inside, loving the way Slave moaned as she accepted the little girl's huge penis. Lucy's wet vagina stretching tightly as it accepted the rigid shaft.

The remained muscles of her right hip tried to simulate hot new anal porn wanted to spread apart a non existent thigh. More Orgasms In this moment Jessie's little slave stump touched Lucy's empty right hips, the amputation site where her right leg had been. Both girls felt cuban porn video electrical shock. Their bodies began to shake. My God Do it, do it I beg you, my love, you disabled baby whore," screamed Lucy.

You could have been my fuck toy years ago. Please touch my amputation site, caress my scars with your smooth little stump. Remind me of my missing leg. I want to eagerly feel the irreversible lack of my limbs. Touch me there! Her right hand released the crutch. Her small baby palm started to caress Lucy's amputation site on her right hip.

Jessie cupped the soft flesh and began to push her palm against the end of the short armless bone under the skin. Lucy groaned at this increased stimulation and knew that she was fast approaching her orgasm. Her stump nub thrashed back and forth, the tip of the amputated bone moving wildly just under the sensitive skin of her amputated site.

Jessie's fingers found the most sensitive points along the scar. Lucy moved eagerly her half globe shaped right ass trying to provide better contact. The feeling reminded slave of her own total defenselessness. She fucks my hungry pov missionary whenever I want.

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Maybe I ask Daddy to finish her mutilation. It would be marvellous if she could fuck me with a below elbow stump like Tommy. You are unable to close your legless. Am I right? I like your lack of limbs. You are unable to resist my rigid cock. I fuck your pussy slave I want. Maybe someday I shall be a cripple like you. And then Tommy is going to fuck me several times a day She started to pull and push her iron bra with her sex arm stump.

When she lifted her left shoulder, the iron bra raised her breasts. Then she lowered and at the same time pushed it with her stump. This way the fingers of the iron bra stimulated her nipples enjoyably. Jessie couldn't take it anymore. Slave orgasm caused a screaming orgasm for her.

She screamed in her thin girlish voice like a broken-winged little bird. Once more please, once more. I want; I want more orgasms like this Armless little girl's body was trembling, stumps flailing uselessly in all directions.

I love to make my fuck toys squeal just like a little piggy slut. Drag your truncated ass here, Mommy bitch, but much more quickly, and suck my cock fine! She began to drag her legless torso along the floor toward him. She positioned herself between Sex.

Grotto's thighs, taking her short arm stumps under her Master's testicles. She bent down her head and started to lick the big cock. Would legless be so kind to do something for me for an orgasm? Kathy shrank back from her Master's insistent demand, fearfully.

I said lift up your left udder so I can get girls it. Do it now! Kathy slowly placed her trembling girls stumps under her tender breast flesh and lifted her big boob up for her Master to torment.

You are really going to like what I do to those knockers of yours. He extended it under Kathy's left breast and hooked it together right next to her cleavage. Hot fit girls nude sex did the same to the right breast. Armless looked just like she had two pale party balloons attached to her chest. As the free flow of blood into her breasts was restricted by the tight bungee cords, Kathy's breasts began to swell. Then they began to throb with pain and turn colours; first a kind of pale rose, then an angry red, then a deep purple.

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Kathy began to moan and writhe a little from the growing pain she was feeling. Mr Grotto pawed Kathy's distended breasts. Put sex groping hands all over her; fondling, pinching, squeezing, tweezing; while his submissive victim just sat there and endured it.

Not surprisingly, Kathy's slit was beginning to get all squishy. Two In One The situation was as follows: Lucy was standing on her left booted thigh stump and right elbow, hardly balanced herself. Behind her was standing Jessie, relying on her single crutch under her right armpit. From Jessie's holes protruded a massive artificial cock, following the movements girls her legless, in and out of Lucy's wet pussy.

Both girls were after several shattering orgasms. But they wanted more and more. Their pussies were almost insatiable. Jessie moved her tiny thigh stump slightly left and slipped her small baby palm and fingers on Lucy's hip amputation site.

She sunk her fingers into the flesh around the short femur and grabbed the bulge strongly. Lucy screamed and instinctively twitched the bone. With the flick of she pulled Jessie's tail deeper into her cunt. Slave have never been so deep in me. I feel armless dick almost in my throat.

I want to cum. You know I am definitively crippled. I am unable to help myself The little girl smiled. Lucy groaned loudly. I beg you. Beg me slave, if you want more pleasure. Her small but strong palm has forced Lucy's obedience. She tugged her half globe shaped right ass but Jessie's hand easily followed her movements. That's it. The girls can not walk away, can not resist, can not tell anything; they are just there for your sadistic amusement. Curious how? I am a surgeon living in one of those countries at the eastern outskirts of Europe.

Needless to say I have both. We also have beautiful girls here, eastern European countries are well known for that. Fortunately for me some of these girls don't have parents or relatives anymore and legless in orphanages. Actually, I would not call that living as it is unbelievable what you will fidn there. Some very young girls are lucky and get adopted, but at an girls of 8 or 9 they are too armless. Some of the more pretty girls get sold into prostitution and you could consider it luck for them too; instead of slowly fading away in filth and poverty.

And a few girls I buy. I generally pick the attractive girls around 9 or 10 years, slave puberty starts. The orphanage is very cooperative. They are glad they have one less mouth to feed, one new place to fill.

They also gladly accept my donations for the girls. They never ask and I never tell. They know I am a surgeon; they probably think I do some experiments with the girils or cut out and sell their organs. But no, I found a much more profitable business; I turn the girls into sex toys.

This is without shipping costs. Let me tell you how I turn a young orphan girl into a sexy teen babes fucking on cars doll. When I have found a new, suitable girl, I will ask the orphanage to deliver her at my villa.

She will arive naked, tied and blindfolded. After a bried inspection and a quick medical check, I will take her to my special clinic in my villa. First, I will clean her very thoroughly. These girls really smell and are filthy; they have not seen a bath for ages and they are really neglected. When she is finally clean, I put her in a hospital bed and give amisha patel pucking realy an injection that will put her to sleep.

I will create her a new identity and sex her a new name, as I don't know the girl's real names, I just know their age, and that's all I need. At the orphanage, any data they have from her will be destroyed.