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HK star apologises after nude pictures leak online - Reuters

Kill it! I figure some of you know who they are. I have no idea. I just want to say to the ladies letting their partners take pictures of them in a state of undress, please, for the love of god, wax or at the very least trim. Every time I see these sex scandal pictures I always feel like I need a safari hat and machete just to make it through all of them.

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By the way, the pictures are NSFW. A lot more after the jump. Updates will appear on the main page from now on. Go here for naked. Every picture so far: Edison Chen announces he is quitting Hong Kong showbiz. Edison Chen has delayed his return to Hong Kong. Any other follow up news on sirilankan sex How are their PR reps for the girls handling this?

This should be interesting. Just not in HQ yet. What kind of name is Bobo? I v found those pictures for so pics time, chung you very much!!! But I heard that there has some videoes about this, is that ture? Gillian someone upload those videoes???

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FYI, Bobo is Edison ex-girlfriend a few years ago, she is a singer and actress at that time. Bobo have faded out from HK showbiz and prepare to get marriage soon. You cant deny Edison is good in this aspect.

The picture must had been fixed.

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The scandal, which involved several local celebrities, has dominated Hong Kong headlines in the past two weeks. Other nude photos involved actress Cecilia Cheung and five other women.

Gillian Chung R puts on natural performance on the party Monday, Feb 11, seemingly not affected by the nude photo incident that has sparked arrests and a media frenzy. Chung's management company, Emperor Entertainment Group, said Monday it would not comment on the photos again.

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It earlier said the photos had been digitally altered. Last week, Hong Kong police said officers had found the source of the photos, seizing more than 1, obscene pictures involving six women. A year-old man was arrested in connection with the case. Chen, gillian reportedly left Hong Kong soon after the photos were leaked, also apologized pics a video statement last week. He naked the public chung delete the photos and not to forward them.

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Buena vista porn police investigation has so far led to eight arrests for infringement of obscene material laws, and the seizure of more than 1, images. In the coming days I will continue to focus on my work and face up to my life," Chung added, amid cheers. TUNGSTAR] Chung, 27, previously known for her squeaky-clean image, made her eagerly awaited statement before a mass of reporters and video cameras flanked by Charlene Choi, her singing partner in the female pop duo Twins.

TUNGSTAR] The photographs, which appear to show Chung naked in bed with male star Edison Chen, and suggestive images purportedly of around half a dozen other celebrities, including actress Cecilia Cheung, were recently posted online, provoking blanket tabloid coverage in celebrity-mad Hong Kong.

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