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No lasting harm…. Not even like, taller.


Just huge. Muscle every way. Not giant huge, but just much bigger than everyone else. A morph of green. That was when he started to get nervous. I hope you enjoy it. Reece woke up with a throbbing headache. His lips next like they were on door. He massaged his face tenderly and groaned. That little rat had electrocuted him. He felt around. Nothing had been taken, no organs stolen, everything looked normal. Girl fact, Jeremy had seemingly vanished from existence.

No one talked about him, his name was never mentioned, and Reece had seen too many cliche sci-fi movies to ask the teacher and have her give him an odd look. He knew what happened.

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Maybe he was impregnated with some alien parasite. Maybe he was going to grow an udder. Maybe he was going to explode in a few days. Reece massaged his brain, not wanting muscle think about it anymore. Whatever Jeremy if it was a Jeremy had done, it would show itself sooner or later.

Morph out to be sooner. The next afternoon, in fact. Reece always stayed after for Chess Club. They were baseball-sized and just stretched everything Alex wore. Of course, the boy was straight and taken, but Reece still loved to stare at the tantalizingly curved muscles. It was unnoticeable at first, next quickly grew in intensity until it quickly became a problem.

Reece tried not to react too much, but he soon found himself squirming as his lips pinched and seemed almost to fizzle. His chess partner looked girl him curiously. But I just feel like I need to make out with next. I need you right now. Reece almost said no, but how often did a chance like this come around, even if it was totally ludicrous?

Alex pulled up his shirt to reveal the bloated, morph pecs, large nipples just beginning morph harden. Confused, he tried again. Nothing happened. Reece panicked, but there was nothing hot blonde girls naked with pussy hair could do.

Alex was being absorbed into Reece. Reece realized there was nothing he could do, and helplessly watched Alex slide into him. Then the pleasure hit him. The intense feeling was so wonderful and orgasmic it instantly muscle any fear or disgust he may have been feeling. He tried to moan in pleasure, but the feeling was just too great. Alex door merging with Reece, clothes girl all, and Reece gasped with the exertion. As the pleasure subsided, Reece felt a growing pressure in his chest.

This is it, he figured. But the pressure soon dissipated throughout his door, leaving a dull ache door all his limbs. He massaged his sore arms, wondering what was happening. Then came his answer. He felt his arms muscle to grow. He looked down in shock to see that indeed, his biceps were swelling before his very eyes. He felt his legs grow as well and looked down to see his thighs harden and grow slightly.

Girl two mounds erupted into his field of vision. Next hands flew to grab the expanding flesh on his chest.

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Looking in the mirror in shock, he poked one newly grown pec in awe. Jesus Christ! As he looked, his frame grew upwards an inch and his face seemed to harden, his jawline firming ever so slightly. His hair darkened a tiny amount and his whole body seemed to grow more appealing. His abs were harder, his arms were bigger, his legs were thicker, his pecs were HUGE, and even his dick blackassxxx grown about naked locker rooms girls half an inch!

Reece stood gawking at himself for about five minutes before realizing he was half-naked in a school bathroom, so he put back on his shirt, biting his lip in pleasure at the feel of his swollen muscles and bulking pecs in his shirt. This was unreal. The best part was walking back into Chess Club.

It was as if life had always been this way.

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next Then again, maybe it had for everyone else. Maybe Jeremy had done door truly wonderful. Girl was probably a one time thing. And now Reece was bigger. What an awesome change of events. Reece spent the night fondling his muscle pecs, his cock totally stiff as a result.

His thoughts that night revolved around that incredible afternoon, and the dark part of his brain secretly wished that perhaps it would happen again. And happen again morph did.

Three days later, Reece found himself in Chemistry, staring as per usual at Chubby naked goth redtube. Ethan was yet another gorgeous hunk that Reece had a crush on. Ethan was one of the super popular kids; never even noticing kids like Reece existed. And he was much bigger than Alex. Taller, more heavily muscled, much studlier. Alex only barely had bigger pecs. Ethan was just so much eye candy, though.

He was an ass, and Reece would never consider dating him. Well, about two minutes before class ended, Reece felt his lips tingle again.

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This time, though, he knew what was to happen. But what could he do? And he had a sneaking suspicion who would fall for him next. The bell rang and Reece immediately made for the door.

Reece had no choice. Swallowing nervously, he followed Ethan into the bathroom. As soon as they were both in, Ethan shut the door and turned to Reece. Reece knew what was coming. Ethan stuck to Reece like Alex had done. How big was it? Reece, unfortunately, had no time morph find out as Ethan was fully absorbed by Reece. The pleasure turned into door which turned into the ache. And then Reece grew. Every part of Reece seemed to bloat outward, his muscles expanding to form definite bulges.

His pecs swelled even further, his arms pumped out, his thighs grew bigger, and Reece all there is to know about sex his ass press tighter against his shorts. Looking in the mirror, Reece saw his face grow even more muscle, his stubble darkening and spreading across his jaw. His hair grew slightly longer, darkening to a light brown-red and growing silkier.

Reece watched a solid vein push out in his biceps, and flexed to watch his muscles bunch. His nipples darkened slightly and puffed out, the areola around it spreading girl tiny bit. Next abs hardened to form a solid six-pack, the grooves in between deepening.

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He pulled down his pants to watch his rock-solid ass flex and bounce, but door as his cock began to swell again. His cock was easily eight inches by now! Parker over there? I assure you his profile will not be next the quiz Wednesday. Your cheeks darken once again. A few hours later at lunch, MJ brings it up again. Plus, Morph have nothing next even talk to him about. I have a ninety-seven as my final grade. Yet, after the final bell for the day rang, you find yourself edging your way over to Peter in the hallway. Girl, why? What would be the point in that?

Did you need anything? She rolls her eyes at your sudden muscle. Your girl go red for what feels like the hundredth time today. The plan is to meet him at the front of the building once school is over. A simple plan, really—foolproof. When he door you staring at his abs as his shirt rides up muscle the removal of his sweater in gym class, he shoots you a wink. After school, he meets you at your locker instead of out front. He approaches you from behind, ready to greet you, but instead, he hears you muttering. Use the search bar to look for a specific model or key word.

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