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Former Norfolk Boys and Girls club basketball court turned into apartment

Immediately upon hearing this national speaker, our Club began the work of introducing the Boys Club movement in Norfolk. The startup was financed by a fund-raising campaign by and among members. Paul's Episcopal Church for club activities. We take pride in our year history of helping our community, and we anticipate more of the same in the years ahead.

Former Norfolk Boys and Girls club basketball court turned into apartment

The W. Skip to content. Lucy Washington runs the club's art program. Children have "aha" moments every day.

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Free and open to the public. The Virginia Beach Boys Club was chartered. Latest News. Former first lady of the Commonwealth joins Armada Hoffler board. Norfolk councilwoman says casino land vote is being rushed.

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When LaMarr Coles III talks about his first experience at the club when he was 10 years old, his passion shines through. Coles, now 27, not only spent his formidable years enjoying all it had to offer, but is now happily and gainfully employed by the organization.

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By the time he went to college at Old Dominion University, Coles was balancing a full-time job helping kids and schoolwork. For Tanisha McGaughey, now 30, the club became part of her life by happenstance when she was 8 years old. It was so grand McGaughey signed up the next day and continued to go until she graduated from high school. Not only did the club change her life, but also her mother's.

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Debbie McGaughey was a volunteer for about a year and a half and held various positions before she became director of the club's Rosemont unit. McGaughey got a master's degree in sports management and took on the role as the volunteer coordinator and sports commissioner for the club. It makes a huge impact on children's lives in the area.

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It was Feb. The club opened in the St. The W. The Virginia Beach Boys Club was chartered in Girls were admitted in and the name changed accordingly.

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What's Up Next September Club Survey Week Ages 8-up September Video Chat with UVA 4: Member's Menu Program Sign-Ups. Connect with us on Facebook. Leave a Legacy Your gift can change the lives of youths in your community.